Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth
Title: Math Mammoth
Format: Digital Download, Book
Published: 2022
Parent Involvement:

Math Mammoth Curriculum Review

I’m usually pretty wary of any math curriculum for early elementary students that claims to be “self-instructing”, but math teacher-turned-homeschool mom Maria Miller has created just that with her Math Mammoth Light Blue series program.

Each level in the Light Blue series comes with an A and B all-inclusive student workbook. You get teaching explanations, student problems to practice, answer keys, chapter tests, review sections, and a final exam. You’ll also get access to online video lessons to help explain different concepts. NOTE: Math Mammoth’s Blue Series books is not a complete math curriculum, even though it uses much of the same material as the Light Blue series. Check with the Math Mammoth website for more information on how they are different.

As a mastery-oriented math program, kids will focus on a single concept, like money, at a time. The number of practice problems may seem overwhelming, but, as a parent, you can choose just how many math problems you assign to your child each day. If you see your child may need extra practice, you can go back and do some of the extra problems – or you can link to the suggested games and puzzles aligned to the curriculum.

One of the great things about Math Mammoth is that lessons will continue to introduce learners to different problem solving strategies as they work their way through a new concept. This can be a great asset to the Math Mammoth program because math doesn’t always click in the same way for all children. At the same time, it can also be frustrating for some kids because too many different explanations or problem solving strategies can get confusing. So, while Math Mammoth is self-instructing, regular parent check-ins are essential to making sure your child is progressing with thorough understanding. If you see your child is getting stuck on one particular problem solving strategy, but has aced another, you can help them learn how to use the math strategies that work best for them. Just like a lot of things in life, having options for how you reach an end goal is good.

One drawback of Math Mammoth is the layout and design of the workbook pages. While Math Mammoth is a back-to-basics kind of curriculum with no flashy graphics or fancy fonts, kids with vision  issues may find themselves visually overwhelmed with all the numbers and problems on each page.

Placement tests are available to help you determine which Math Mammoth level you should start at. You can also sign up to receive 400 free worksheets and sample pages from the curriculum.


Math Mammoth curriculum review

About the Author of Math Mammoth: Maria Miller is a math teacher turned homemaker and homeschooler. She has a master’s degree in mathematics with the educational studies required for teachers, and minors in physics and statistics. Her teaching experience is varied, ranging from private tutoring to teaching in a university and vocational school.

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