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Denison Algebra

Denison algebra
Title: Denison Math
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Denison Algebra Curriculum Review


Some kids just don’t like math.  Math phobia can come from a fractured math learning experience because of the covid pandemic  or other reasons. Or, math resistence can happen due to struggles stemming from ADHD or learning disabilities. The thought of teaching algebra or higher math to math avoidant kids can leave some homeschool parents nervous – which is why Denison Math is a good option to consider.

Each Denison math course combines traditional book learning with video lessons. When you purchase a Denison math course, you get access to video lessons for 15-months, along with a consummable student workbook, a solutions manual, and a teaching guide for the parent. Kids with gaps in their math knowledge should look at the Standard course. The Success course, on the other hand, works better for kids with attention issues or learning disabilities.

Each day, students watch a video and complete a lesson worth of math problems.  The parent’s guide suggests a pacing schedule, but you can expect to take at least 125 days to complete a single math course. Standard courses generally take upwards of 45-minutes to complete each day, while Success courses take closer to 30-minutes to complete.

While the Denison math series is designed to provide student instruction through their video lessons, parents should expect to spend some time reviewing answers with their children, using the Solutions Manual.

While spiral math curriculum, with its constant review of all topics, is generally recommended for students who are weak in math, Denison Algebra actually uses a mastery math approach, with targeted spiral review, when a lesson requires it.

Denison Algebra offers a placement test ONLY for their pre-algebra course. Otherwise, as long as your child can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, they encourage families to place even their most reluctant math kid into the Algebra 1 class starting in 8th or 9th grade. All math concepts beyond basic computation are thoroughly taught as lessons introduce them.


Denison algebra curriculum review

About the Author of Denison AlgebraDavid Denison is a veteran secondary math teacher with over 20 years of experience (11 years in a public high school classroom and 10 years in the homeschool world). David holds a Bachelors of Science degree in math education from Lee University and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Tennessee. This background, as well as the adventure of homeschooling 5 daughters, inspired him to create these courses.

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Last Updated: November 2023

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