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Thinkwell math curriculum review
Title: Thinkwell Math
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Thinkwell Math Curriculum Review

Find an overview video on YouTube for each Thinkwell Math courses.

Families looking for a rigorous math course that requires minimal to moderate parental instruction may be interested in Thinkwell Math.

Each Thinkwell Math course, from 6th grade to Calculus, represents a comprehensive full-year math curriculum. Since a pacing guide is included, minimal planning is required for parents. You can, however, customize how many lessons your student should complete each week to stay on track for course completion. Many families find their younger kids spend about 30-minutes on their Thinkwell Math class each day, whereas Algebra 1 and up students may spend closer to an hour completing daily assignments. Thinkwell Math course subscriptions last for 12-months from the date that you actually begin the class (not the date you purchase it). You can also purchase 1, 3, or 6 month extensions, if you need extra time to finish a class.

Everything you need for your Thinkwell Math class is included. The lessons are online, pre-recorded videos. All videos have optional subtitles. The videos are short, colorful and upbeat. The information is presented in an organized manner. Students do not need to visit outside links, but curated links are available on the Resources page. There are occasional dead links on the Resources page.

Video-based instruction is accompanied by printable notes and daily worksheets. Each video lesson lasts up to 10-minutes.  The notes are similar to the content you would find in a textbook. An online PDF of the notes is included with the cost of the course. You can print out the PDF on your own or you can order a print copy, for an extra fee. The daily worksheets can also be purchased pre-printed.

The material for each course is divided into chapters, and each chapter is divided into lessons. The student completes the video lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes, as well as a practice test, and chapter test for each chapter. The answer keys for all worksheets, quizzes, practice tests, and tests are included. Since online math practice problems are generally multiple choice, you may find it helpful to have your child work out the problem with paper and pencil to show their work (instead of being tempted to just guess an answer). Online practice problems are automatically graded and provide step-by-step explanations if your child answers incorrectly. The courses are mastery based with students moving on to the next subchapter as they master concepts.

Older students can definitely use the Thinkwell Math platform for self-instruction. Younger students will most likely need a parent to assess their understanding and give them additional instruction or practice as needed. Parents who are not familiar with the math concepts being taught may want to view the lesson videos along with their child.

In addition to Thinkwell’s general math courses, they also offers different levels to meet your needs:

  • Essential Math: Reviews basic concepts and helps to fill in the gaps a child may have missed from earlier math instruction
  • Honors Math: Faster paced and more rigorous material for your gifted child
  • AP Calculus: College Board certified class to prepare your child to take the Advanced Placement test


Thinkwell Math offers free placement tests for their 6th grade through Algebra 2 courses.

While each Thinkwell Math course costs a reasonable $159, you can sign up for a free trial before making your purchase. Overall, Thinkwell math courses are an excellent choice for building strong math skills and allowing students to move at their own pace. The videos offer excellent instruction, so parents who feel less confident about teaching math are able to rely on the videos.

Thinkwell Math curriculum review

About the Author of Thinkwell Math: Each Thinkwell Math course is taught by an award-winning math instructor. 

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Last Updated: November 2023


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