History Odyssey

History Odyssey

History Odyssey
Title: History Odyssey
Page Count: 150
Format: Digital Download, Book
Published: 2020
Parent Involvement:

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Expose your student to different viewpoints through reading and examining primary, secondary, and historian sources as well as fiction, biographies, and relevant classic literature.


Engage them in active learning through hands-on activities and map work. Rather than passively learning, your student discovers history like a historian.


Sharpen critical thinking skills through inquiry, analysis, logical reasoning, evaluation of historical events, and written and verbal communication.


Understand the effect of geographical location on the story of humankind by making connections between geography and world events.

Level 1 – Teach your student history as an exciting story. Each History Odyssey coordinates resources that are full of engaging activities, including craft projects, art projects, cooking, and coloring. Each study guide includes several blackline maps that students complete throughout the course, integrating geography with the study of history. Age-appropriate reading books are gradually introduced and prepare the student for classic literature in Level Two and Three courses.

Level 2 – Transition your student to independent learning with minimal assistance from parent or teacher. Students learn information organization, literary analysis, research skills, and writing skills through reading some of the greatest literature for each time period. They’ll also learn outlining, timeline analysis, geography, and critical thinking through daily lessons with worksheets and blackline maps included. Although generally written for middle school-age children, many customers have successfully used Level Two History Odyssey courses for high school.

Level 3 – Prepare your student for college entry with rigorous and independent study, Level Three study guides offer step-by-step lessons guiding students in tackling rewarding literature, writing persuasive arguments, forming a thesis, and creating research papers. Level Three study guides contain numerous writing and research assignments and include all the necessary worksheets and blackline maps.

History Odyssey curriculum review

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