Blossom and Root

Blossom and Root
Title: Blossom and Root
Format: Digital download
Published: 2020
Parent Involvement:
About the Author: I’m Kristina, and I’m the mama of Blake (now 7) and Brice (now 5.) I started Blossom & Root in 2015 to share our home education journey with other nature-based homeschooling families. Soon after I started blogging, I began developing our secular, hands-on, creative, and adaptable curriculum. Our approach to parenting and homeschooling is largely inspired by our love of nature, literature, and the arts. Charlotte Mason’s teachings and the Waldorf philosophy…


Early Years Curriculum

Give your child a beautiful beginning with Blossom and Root Early Years. Hands-on, play-based, secular preschool and pre-k for your homeschool. Includes nature study, the arts, literature, early literacy, STEM, early math play, and more. Each volume is affordable, flexible, and contains 36 weeks of curriculum.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Blossom and Root Kindergarten is a playful, gentle, and imaginative introduction to early academics. Our hands-on, secular kindergarten curriculum includes picture and composer study, weekly art projects, nature study, literature, early reading and writing foundations, an introduction to history and geography, and a whimsical and adventurous math and science component. Our kindergarten curriculum is gentle, affordable, and adaptable. Recommended for ages 5 – 7 (please review our scope and sequence on the kindergarten page for placement.)

Elementary Curriculum

Blossom and Root Elementary Grades are filled with wonder, discovery, creativity, and delightful foundations. Elementary levels include literature-based language arts and reading, hands-on science and nature study, and a full art component. Our science, nature study, and arts components are designed for children of multiple ages and can be used with the whole family. Each guide is carefully crafted to be adaptable, inspiring, and easy to follow.

  • Currently available: First Grade
  • Currently available: Second Grade
  • Currently available: Third Grade
  • Currently available: Fourth Grade
  • Currently available: US History Vol. 1

Book Seeds

Book Seeds by Blossom and Root is a series of stand-alone mini-units that integrate nature, STEM, and literature. Each issue is inspired by a children’s book and includes STEM activities, nature study, art projects, a recipe, an exploration of words and language, and an optional copywork passage. Our newer editions (2019 and later) also include invitations to play and sensory bin ideas. The Book Seeds series can be used as a stand-alone science curriculum in the early grades, as a supplement to your existing science program, or just for fun! NEW ISSUES WILL BE ARRIVING IN 2020.

  • Seasonal Book Seed Series: Focusing on themes in nature (Recommended for ages 2 – 8)
  • Profiles in Science Book Seed Series: Focusing on the contributions of men and women in STEM that have shaped our world (Recommended for ages 6 – 12)

Date of Review: 2022

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