Key To Math

Key To Math

Key to math
Title: Key To Math series
Page Count: Varies
Format: Print
Published: 1993
Parent Involvement:

The Key To series offers self-paced, self-guided workbooks—covering topics from fractions and decimals to algebra and geometry. The workbooks offer bite-size, easy-to-follow lessons. Simple language and clear visual models help students grasp concepts quickly. The large number of problems ensures complete mastery.

Key to Fractions covers topics from basic concepts to mixed numbers. Handwritten examples provide a non-threatening model, and exercises are structured to ensure student success. Minimal reading is required. Book 1: Fraction Concepts. Book 2: Multiplying and Dividing. Book 3: Adding and Subtracting. Book 4: Mixed Numbers.

Key to Decimals begins with basic concepts and operations on decimals. Then it covers real-world uses of decimals in pricing, sports, metrics, calculators, and science. Book 1: Decimal Concepts. Book 2: Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying. Book 3: Dividing. Book 4: Using Decimals.

Key to Percents emphasizes mental computation and estimation skills—because most work with percents is done without pencil and paper. Then students are taught to solve percent problems using equal fractions and decimal multiplication. Finally, percents are used to solve word problems in a variety of applications. Book 1: Percent Concepts. Book 2: Percents and Fractions. Book 3: Percents and Decimals.

Key to Measurement offers a variety of hands-on experiences related to the English system of measurement. Group projects are included, in addition to numerous individual activities. Book 1: English Units of Length. Book 2: Measuring Length and Perimeter Using English Units. Book 3: Finding Area and Volume Using English Units. Book 4: English Units for Weight, Capacity, Temperature, and Time.

Key to Metric Measurement teaches students how to measure in metric units—the only system used in international commerce and communication. Book 1: Metric Units of Length. Book 2: Measuring Length and Perimeter Using Metric Units. Book 3: Finding Area and Volume Using Metric Units. Book 4: Metric Units for Mass, Capacity, Temperature, and Time.

Not a complete math curriculum in and of itself, Key To Math workbooks offer comprehensive problem sets that offer critical practice for kids struggling to master a targeted topic area in math. Key To Math workbooks have been a long-time staple of the homeschool community, particularly for families who use a spiral math curriculum, such as Saxon Math.

Each book is economically printed, without a glossy cover or thick pages. Its reasonable price lets families actually use each workbook as the consumable product it’s meant to be, rather than having kids copy problems into a notebook.

Answer Keys are available for purchase separately or as part of a complete bundle.


nullAbout the Author: Steven Rasmussen has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and holds a master’s degree in mathematics education from Temple University. He taught secondary mathematics for seven years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Emeryville, California. He co-founded Key Curriculum Press in 1971. Mr. Rasmussen has worked for two decades on software development, including The Geometer’s Sketchpad geometry software. McGraw-Hill bought out Curriculum Press in 2012.

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