Material Logic
Logic , Math / February 18, 2011

Material Logic Content: Logic Grade(s): 9-12 Perspective: Christian Prep Time: Minimal Teacher Manual: Available Teacher Involvement: Moderate Cost: $$ || ? Pages: 224 Publication Date: 2004 Publisher: Common Core Aligned: No From Memoria Press’ website: When most people think of logic, they think of formal logic—the study of the structure or form of reasoning. But what most educators don’t realize is that formal logic is only one part of a complete logic program. The other branch of logic study was called “material logic,” and focused not on the form of reasoning, but on its content. In short, while formal logic studied the “how” of reasoning, material logic studied the “what.” The principles of material logic, an important part of trivium language study, are now almost forgotten—a casualty of the almost exclusive modern secular emphasis on math and sciences. Formal logic was once termed minor (or lesser) logic, while material logic usually went by the name of major (or greater) logic—a measure of how important classical thinkers considered them. With the publication of Material Logic: A Traditional Approach to Thinking Skills, these ancient techniques are a lost art no more. Whether you want a follow-on course to Memoria Press’ popular…