Kumon Math
Math / March 30, 2015

Content: Math Grade(s): K – 12 Perspective: Secular Prep Time: Minimal Teacher Involvement: Yes Cost: $ || ? Publication Date: 2005-08 Page: 96 Publisher: www.kumon.com ** From the Publisher’s Website: ** From counting to calculus and beyond, the Kumon Math Worksheets enable students to progress all the way up through high school-level math. Kumon’s assignments progress in small steps to build all of the critical skills needed to study high school-level calculus. Each worksheet not only covers specific concepts, but also helps students develop mental calculation and reasoning skills and improve their problem-solving techniques. The Kumon Worksheets are designed to guide students to figure out new concepts on their own by following examples and developing their self-learning ability from the start. Students advance at their own pace and develop strong skills, better study habits, and confidence that can help in the classroom and beyond. Students do daily assignments that take about 30 minutes per subject. About the Author: Kumon began with a parent’s love. Determined to help his eight-year-old son, a math teacher named Toru Kumon developed the materials and guiding principles of the Kumon Method. Today, Kumon is used in 48 countries and regions on six continents throughout the…