First Language Lessons
Grammar , Reading / May 26, 2017

First Language Lessons Content: Grammar Grade(s): 1-2 Perspective: Secular Prep Time: Minimal Teacher Manual: Included Teacher Involvement: Essential Cost: $ || ? Pages: 188 Publication Date: 2010 Publisher: Common Core Aligned: No Review of First Language Lessons First Language Lessons is a teacher’s manual for introducing language arts to 1st and 2nd grade students. Based on the classical principles of (1) Memory Work; (2) Copying and Dictation; (3) Narration; and (4) Grammar, you’ll find 100 short lessons per grade that you can use as a grammar primer. The second edition of this book presents the text in a much easier-to-read layout and design, without altering the actual content of the book. The author, Jesse Wise (yes, the author of The Well Trained Mind), presents a rule-based, narrative approach for helping children develop an ear for the correct use of language. What that means for your child is that they spend a lot of time listening to you read a script from the manual; reciting grammar rules 3 times in a row – 3 times a day – multiple days in a row; and answering a few oral questions each day. Each lesson can be completed in 5 – 15…