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February 8, 2011
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IEW Student Writing Intensive

Content: Writing
Grade(s): A (3rd-5th); B (6th – 8th); and C (9th-12th)
Perspective: Secular
Prep Time: Minimal
Teacher Manual: Available
Teacher Involvement: Essential
Cost: $$$$ || ?
Pages: 100
Publication Date: 2010
Updated Review: 01/02/2014

From Excellence is Writing’s website:

Recorded live, this DVD writing course for students by Andrew Pudewa is comprised of four writing sessions on DVD. Each session presents structural models and stylistic techniques from our TWSS Syllabus. Included with the student handouts are complete teacher notes, source texts, and checklists providing fifteen comprehensive lessons to ensure your student masters each unit before moving on to the next. Since each lesson can take one to two weeks to complete, the entire package can provide 15–30 weeks of writing instruction.

Level A: Grades 3-5
Level B: Grades 6-8
Level C: High School

Picking up where the original SWI of that level left off, Student Intensive Continuation Course DVDs provide 32 more lessons to take your student through the rest of the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style writing units. Because the lesson plans are chock full of material, you can use this product for 1-2 years of writing instruction.

All the student handouts, reinforcement lessons, and teacher’s notes are provided on a CD-ROM included with the DVDs for unlimited printing for any number of students. Samples of the handouts and teacher’s notes for each level are included on the product page.

Because one opinion is never enough! Have you ever used IEW’s Student Writing Intensive or Student Intensive Continuation Courses? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.



  • Mary May 29, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    I am using IEW with my son. He was a self taught early reader and writer but he’s a perfectionist and he wouldn’t write anything once he started public school. When we brought him home, it was still a battle to get him to put anything down on paper. We go very slow and I help him with the more boring parts like taking notes and outlining. Ds likes the DVDs and thinks they’re funny. What works best is not having to come up with an idea for writing.

  • Loretta Pioch August 11, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Student Writing Intensive B was our first exposure to the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Andrew was such a great teacher for the boys (ages 9 and 11 at the time) that they actually looked forward to the next writing lesson.
    Before SWI I would have considered their writing quite good already. After a year’s worth of SWI work, it is clear that their writing has drastically improved. Some of the stylistic techniques have now crept into their use without their realizing it. On my own, I would never have been easily able to teach them how to write using the different structures.
    A fabulous product with tremendous support.

  • Kelli February 28, 2011 at 9:00 am

    We have been using SWI B and have loved it. Andrew Pudewa teaching style is fun and draws the students in. My daughter asks to do writing because she is enjoying it so much. She is finding herself using so many of the techniques he has taught in her other subjects.

  • Julie February 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I’ve used SWI level A with multiple children and then moved on to the continuation course. I love it. Andrew Pudewa teaches style of writing as he teaches structure of reports and stories. Assignments are clear and my kids love having someone other than mom teaching them. As you progress through the assignments, the student becomes more and more an independent writer. There are also supplemental lesson plans for free downloadable from IEW.

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