Spectrum Chemistry

February 17, 2011
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Spectrum Chemistry

Content: Science
Grade(s): 7th – 10th
Perspective: Christian
Prep Time: Minimal
Teacher Manual: Available
Teacher Involvement: Minimal
Cost: $ || ?
Pages: 290
Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: www.beginningspublishing.com
Review Last Updated: May 28. 2017

Common Core Aligned: No

** From the Publisher’s Website: **

Spectrum Chemistry is one-year student-directed chemistry course is done three days a week, one of which is a lab day. It is the equivalent of an honors chemistry for college-bound students.

The textbook is concept-oriented, concise, colorful, and pictorial. Daily exercises reinforce the concepts while challenging the students to derive solutions to real chemistry problems. There are 32 labs in the year. The labs come complete with everything you need to do them, except a gallon of distilled water. Ten quizzes are distributed throughout the course. A study guide is provided to assure that your student knows before each quiz for what he/she will be held accountable.

About the Author:
Durell C. Dobbins is a homeschool father and a scientist who wrote the Spectrum Chemistry curriculum with his children in mind.

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