Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension

February 20, 2011
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Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension

Content: Vocabulary
Grade(s): 3rd – 8th
Perspective: Secular
Prep Time: Minimal
Teacher Manual: No
Teacher Involvement: Moderate
Cost: $ || ?
Pages: 156
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: www.prufrock.com
Updated Review: May 7, 2014

From Prufrock Press’ website:

The Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program targets reading comprehension skills in learners by moving students through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analyses of texts using a field-tested method developed by the Center for Gifted Education at The College of William and Mary.

In the form of three skill ladders connected to individual readings in poetry, myths/fables, and nonfiction, students move from lower order, concrete thinking skills to higher order, critical thinking skills. Each book, geared to increasing grade levels, includes high-interest readings, ladders to increase reading skill development, and easy-to-implement instruction. The ladders include multiple skills necessary for academic success, covering language arts standards, such as sequencing, cause and effect, classification, making generalizations, inference, and recognizing themes and concepts.

Jacob’s Ladder, Level 1 is geared to students in grades 2–3, Level 2 is aimed at learners in grades 4–5, and Level 3 is based on skill development standards for students in grades 6–8

About the Authors:
Joyce VanTassel-Baska is Professor Emerita at The College of William and Mary, where she founded the Center for Gifted Education. She is the author of 22 books and has written more than 500 other publications on gifted education. She received the Distinguished Scholar Award in 1997 from the National Association for Gifted Children and the Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia in 1993. Tamra Stambaugh is a research assistant professor of special education and director of Programs for Talented Youth (PTY) at Vanderbilt University. She holds a Ph.D. in education policy, planning, and leadership with an emphasis on gifted education and instructional supervision.

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