Flash Kids: Reading for Gifted Students

January 11, 2012
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Flash Kids: Reading for Gifted Students

Content: Reading Comprehension
Grade(s): 1st – 6th
Perspective: Secular
Prep Time: Minimal
Teacher Manual: None
Teacher Involvement: Minimal
Cost: $ || ?
Pages: 192
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: www.flashkids.com

** From the Publisher’s Website **

A gifted child’s reading level, critical-thinking ability, and interests can range far beyond his or her current grade level. This workbook caters to that unique capacity. It contains almost two hundred pages of reading material carefully calibrated for your advanced student. Challenging reading passages present new vocabulary and offer a depth and range of information on fascinating nonfiction. These passages are followed by true or false, multiple choice, cause and effect, ordering, and even creative writing questions to test analytical thinking skills and reinforce your student’s understanding of the readings. The varied activities encourage your gifted learner to experience learning at an accelerated level.

Each Reading for the Gifted Student workbook features:

  • Inviting readings that favor nonfiction such as science, social studies, and the arts
  • Comprehension questions and activities in various short- and long-answer formats
  • Full-color illustrations and diagrams that bring concepts to life
  • Perforated pages for on-the-go practice
  • About the Author:
    Hannah Otero, Executive Director, is a former teacher and current parent who understands the value of great educational products. When in the classroom, she created her own activity sheets and study aids to get the kids excited about learning and mastering essential skills. She still use that approach today, always wondering, “Will kids love using this book?”

    Because one opinion is never enough! Have you ever used Flash Kids: Reading for Gifted Students? How did it work for your family? Share your review below.


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