Ellen McHenry’s Cells

March 25, 2013
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Ellen McHenry’s Cells

Content: Science
Grade(s): 4th – 8th
Perspective: Secular
Prep Time: Moderate
Teacher Manual: Yes
Teacher Involvement: Essential
Cost: $$ || ?
Pages: 160 pages
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: www.ellenjmchenry.com
Review Updated: 5/7/2014

From Ellen McHenry’s website:

Topics covered: The history of the discovery of cells, the molecule structure of phospholipids and phospholipid membranes, the cytoskeleton and its functions, motor proteins, ATP and the mitochondria, how the electron transport chain works, amino acids, proteins, DNA discovery, translation, transcription, mRNA, tRNA, ribosomes, chaperone proteins, lysosomes, enzymes, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, docking proteins and protein synthesis inside endoplasmic reticulum, the structure of the nucleus, the nucleolus and how ribosomes are made, histones, nucleosomes, rRNA, cell metabolism, overview of digestion, chylomicrons, fatty acids, glucose, the Krebs cycle, acetyl-CoA, phagocytosis, pinocytosis, exocytosis, glycolysis, mitosis, meiosis, and overview of common body cells such as epithelial (skin, capillary, goblet, villi), muscle cells, neurons, bone cells and blood cells.

Activities included: Fluid mosaic model, membrane simulations, motor protein pen craft, “Motor Protein Relay Race,” diffusion demonstrations, “Electron Transport Chain Relay Race,” protein pencil topper craft, tRNA cookies, hands-on activity about transcription and translation, “Roller Coaster Review” game, “Translation Relay Race,” lysosome simulation game, edible Golgi body models, DNA extraction lab, some virtual DNA labs (online), make a cell “mini-mural” from scratch, cell bingo (with challenging review game), “Respiration Relay Race,” mitosis flip book, “Jeopardy” review game, and edible models of blood cells.

Internet links: A notable feature of this curriculum is that it incorporates the very best (free) videos available online. Many provide 3D images or animations that illustrate the text perfectly. You can access all of the YouTube links by using my YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/TheBasementWorkshop

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About the Author:
Ellen J McHenry is a homeschool mother who holds an art degree, with a minor in math, from Penn State. She has worked as a professional illustrator for more than 20 years. During her years teaching homeschool co-op science classes, Ellen recognized a need for a different type of instructional material and so her career as a curriculum writer was born.

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  • Esther L. May 5, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    We used Cells after doing The Elements Carbon Chemistry and it felt like it was a notch up in challenge level. It worked for us for middle school. The depth of information was great and I really liked the links to her YouTube channel for the videos. I can actually say that this science curriculum was fun with all the games and activities that are icnluded. My kids learned a lot but nobody felt like they were constantly doing work (especially me).

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