Analytical Grammar
Grammar / February 5, 2011

Analytical Grammar Content: Grammar Grade(s): Perspective: Prep Time: Teacher Manual: Teacher Involvement: Cost: $ || ? Pages: Publication Date: 1996 Publisher: From Analytical Grammar’s website: Analytical Grammar is a unique method of teaching grammar, which starts from “ground zero” – assuming that the student knows no grammar – and continues on from concept to concept, until the entire body of knowledge which we call grammar is covered. The concepts, rather than being taught separately, are woven together into a logical whole which the student will recognize to be what he already knows about how words are put together into sentences to make meaning. Since these concepts make sense to kids, they remember them. Analytical Grammar is a 3-year course written at a reading level suitable for 6th graders and above. Each year, students complete a series of lessons and then spend the remaining time working on Reinforcement exercises. Topics Covered in Analytical Grammar Season 1 Nouns, Articles, and Adjectives Pronouns Prepositional Phrases Subject & Verb Adverbs Direct Objects Indirect Objects Predicate Nominatives & Adjectives Helping Verbs Compound Situations Season 2 Participial Phrases Gerund Phrases Infinitive Phrases Appositive Phrases Adjectives Clauses Adverb Clauses Noun Clauses Season 3 Comma Splits and…