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February 1, 2011
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Calvert Education

Content: Full
Grade(s): PreK – 12th
Perspective: Secular
Prep Time: Moderate
Teacher Manual: Available
Teacher Involvement: Moderate
Cost: $$$$ || ?
Pages: Online & Book
Review Last Updated: May 28, 2017

Common Core Aligned: Yes

** From the Publisher’s Website: **

Calvert Education’s inquiry-based method of learning allows students to absorb subject matter and apply knowledge in vibrant, expressive ways. In sharing their own knowledge and techniques with their peers, individual students collaborate in a bright, open world of learning with endless possibilities.

Elementary and Middle Schol Programs focus on the four core subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and History. Students develop strong reading comprehension skills, write original composition pieces, develop critical thinking skills, learn fundamental math concepts, read classic literature, explore a variety of science topics, and learn about the world around them. The programs also include integrated technology lessons that coincide with subjects and lessons.

Calvert Education is Available As:

Complete Homeschool Program: Everything you need to teach your children at home is provided to you, including materials, step-by-step Lesson Manuals, access to the online planning tool – Calvert Teaching Navigator, and engaging online resources.

Individual Calvert Classes: Supplement your existing homeschool program by purchasing only the classes you want for your child. Individual high school courses are presented in an all-digital, online format.

Calvert Academy: An accredited, online private school for students in 5th Grade through High School. Students enrolled attend live, online course sessions conducted by certified Calvert Academy instructors. Calvert Academy offers a selection of high school courses that are approved by the NCAA and can be used for NCAA athletic eligibility.

Interested in the Calvert curriculum, but your child learns differently? Check out Verticy Learning, Calvert’s curriculum specially designed for children who struggle with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

About the Publisher:
Since 1906, Calvert has been publishing curriculum for parents to use at home.

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  • David Ryan November 21, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    The lessons are inconsistent. One day there is way to much covering 8 different topic areas: geog, math, computer, etc. taking way too long. Another day there is way to little; 4 lessons vs 8. Math has been rated as deficient by cooperating public schools and it has been necessary to compliment the Calvert math with additional assignments from the public school. This creates a significant burden for the student as the school is attempting to pass state requirements which Calvert is remiss at the same time as conducting the Calvert math program. The support is surprising completely political at the Admin level and of little help. The teachers and response to questions are very good. Science is rather poor and the experiments are nonsensical. The stress is a religious orientation with words like accommodation, adaption and NEVER evolution, because Calvert according to their main spokeswoman has many ‘devout’ parents–(that has nothing to do with education but with mythology). Animals do not accommodate-they do not put a coat on when it is cold. Insects do not adapt, but die when it gets too cold. Spelling is good along with compositional aspects. Grammar and phonics are good. A rather very poorly balanced curriculum and program. Many lessons in math are poorly constructed. Use of stupid items likes stem and leaves add nothing, but force the student to learn a technique vs. the content. Reading questions need to be redone to stress comprehension rather than memory of items. Comprehensions is the focus of state testing. Look around before signing up for Calvert.

  • Amy Butler June 16, 2012 at 8:38 am

    We have just finished Calvert grade 4, and will be using Calvert again for grade 5. I do find I have to supplement for my HG daughter because there are certain things that she wants in much more depth than is presented, but finding material to do that has not been an issue. The access to Brain-Pop and videos have been a great help, as much of the material can be attacked from many different angles, and what bores her when presented one way will fascinate her when presented another. ATS has been great for us, because praise and (gentle) correction from an outside source seems to mean more than when it comes from Mom. “You’re my Mother. You HAVE to say that!” is something I heard frequently until she could see the outside source agreeing with me.

  • Kira S April 10, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    We’ve had great success with Calvert for my son who is PG. A lot of parents of gifted kids don’t like it because it’s definitely “school in a box” but I’ve been able to tweak it to make it work really well for us. I like it because it’s all laid out for me and I don’t have to plan or research anything, they use excellent textbooks, it’s VERY thorough, and it comes with incredible teacher support.

    They’ve always offered separate math levels, and I think now you can also get grammar/spelling/composition at a different level from history/math/geography/reading. I let my son go at his own pace in each subject and sometimes I supplement. So for instance, he really liked the novel he just read and he finished it and the accompanying lessons in a day, where Calvert had it mapped out every day for 20 lessons. I just don’t stop him when he gets on a roll like that! History, on the other hand, he doesn’t love and he’d never do more than one lesson in a day.

  • T.J. March 15, 2011 at 8:05 am

    Calvert School provides a great thorough curriculum. It is perfect for anyone who is nervous beginning homeschool as the curriculum is laid out day by day with very little planning necessary. As mentioned in the other review they also have the ATS option where a teacher is available for guidance and to grade tests. If you have internet access you can track your progress online which helps at review time. The primary downside to Calvert is it is pretty expensive, at least to me. It runs about $1,000 if you don’t get the ATS option. If you have time you can sometimes find Calvert curriculum at a lower price (usually less than half price) on e-Bay.

  • Rebecca February 26, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    We used Calvert’s Verticy for 4th grade. I found the program to be incredibly thorough. We used the Verticy portion because of my son’s difficulty with writing. Unfortunately, we got very bored and bogged down with the phonics portion of the spelling and wished we could have used the regular Calvert spelling and reading with the slower composition portion. That said, everything was very well laid out and ready to teach with little teacher preparation (with exception of the phonics). I have yet to find an equal (my opinion) to their composition portion. I wish they sold it separately because I would definitely buy it. They used several animated programs for technology, math and some for grammar also. My son enjoyed all of these. We also used the ATS and our teacher was very helpful. She wrote wonderful, encouraging letters to my DS when she returned his tests, every 20 lessons. Very uplifting. I wish they sold their program in subjects instead of just as entire curriculum.

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